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G2 in Chesham
Classic 1970s Genesis performed live with a spectacular light show
G2 Definitive Genesis play Genesis music from 1970 to 1980, tending towards the Seconds Out era but drawing from all albums from Trespass to Duke. Take a little trip back....

G2 20th Anniversary Year!

We have an anniversary to celebrate! It's hard to believe, but later this year G2 will have been performing for 20 years, which makes us the UK's longest continuously running Genesis tribute! G2 Producer Dave Austin was there at the start...

G2enesis 2000:

On Sunday 1st October 2000, I waited in a dowdy south London pub to see a band who were giving the first public performance of a new show. I had heard good things about them while living in Dubai, from where I had recently returned. They were the reincarnation of a band called Kudos, who had performed a mix of prog covers ranging from Supertramp to Pink Floyd. I never managed to see Kudos and they had now restructured and moved from general covers to performing the output of just one band, Genesis. The gig at the Amersham Arms, New Cross was the first outing and the debut of their new name, G2enesis. The five were Neale Worley (keyboards), Jeff Walker (drums and vocals), David Rollins (guitar), David Wilk (bass and vocals) and Terry Day (lead vocals).

Neale (resplendent in paint-stained tracksuit bottoms) took the money on the door; I think it was 5. I think it was 5. The set was 'Seconds Out'. It was a thrill to hear one of my favourite albums played live, these boys were special. They were clearly very talented and played very well, I was amazed. However, the sound in the pub was badly balanced and there was no attempt at staging or lights. My background was sound engineering and staging and I decided they needed some help. After the gig I chatted with the guys and I offered my services as sound engineer. After three years in the desert this seemed like the sort of cultural experience I craved. The next day, following a lengthy email from David Wilk to check out my commitment, I got the job. Well, not exactly a job...

G2enesis in 2000
G2enesis - Terry, Jeff, Neale, Dave W and Dave R in Neale's loft 2000

You will have realised that I am describing the birth of G2. We only have one original member left in the line-up. Jeff has pounded the kit for the past twenty years with just a couple of missed gigs. Chris took over guitar duties from David Rollins in the first year, Neale handed over to Piers in 2003, David Wilk retired though ill health in 2016 and, of course, we lost Tel in 2018.

I have been looking after technical bits for the last two decades and it has been a complete joy. G2 has performed hundreds of gigs to thousands of people from Clitheroe to Lisbon, St David's Hall to the Robin2. We now have around six hours of Genesis tracks to choose from and more to come. We have known fabulous times and great sadness. We are a close and a happy band and look forward to the future with enthusiasm and, hopefully, have many more shows to come.

We thank you, our loyal audience, for all your support and love and, as 2020 is our 20th Anniversary, we have some exciting plans to mark the year. Watch out for show dates and expect some fun and surprises along the way.

Dave Austin - Producer G2

New T-Shirts

Jamie's put together the design for our new T-shirt, and it's a special 20th Anniversary one. If your old Mad Hatter shirt has been worn out or shrunk in the wash get yourself a new one. They'll be on sale at shows next year, but if you can't wait you can now also find them on the Merchandise page.

20th Anniversary G2 T-shirt
The rear of the T-shirt has some of G2's first shows interspersed with some curiously familiar sounding venues...

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