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Classic 1970s Genesis performed live with a spectacular light show
G2 Definitive Genesis play Genesis music from 1970 to 1980, tending towards the Seconds Out era but drawing from all albums from Trespass to Duke. Take a little trip back....

The End of an Era

It's been a long, long time.... hasn't it? 55 years, to be precise. Just a few weeks ago, though, with three final shows back home at the O2 Arena in London, Genesis played their Last Domino. Some of us were lucky enough to be there to witness it, and no doubt some of you were too. It was an emotional farewell, with a set which showcased almost the full repertoire of their back catalogue - 26 different songs (played full or in part), from 9 different studio albums across their incredible career.

As our heroes bow out, so now, perhaps more than ever before, it is left to us tribute bands to carry the torch - to fly the Genesis flag - from this point onwards. We've been at it for over 20 years ourselves, and although our bones are creaking a little too, we have no intention of calling it a day ourselves just yet...

We do, of course, rely on your dedicated support too. It is always much appreciated, and never more than in these recent tumultuous years for G2. Live music is back though, the venues continue to do their bit to keep us safe, and we are hitting the road again in a matter of days.

There are plenty of opportunities to see us perform over the coming months and through to the autumn, and we are very much looking forward to finally returning to The Stables in Milton Keynes for our three nights there in June, postponed twice due to the pandemic. We are all over the country on either side of that weekend though, with shows where we will perform those classic tracks from the 1970s in all their glory. With just a little bit of the 1980s too, if you'll allow us... In fact, we are looking to further extend our live repertoire, so if there's anything new you would like us to perform - when we say 'new', we mean 'old' of course! - then please drop us a line.

Hope to see you on the road soon, so that we can celebrate the glorious music of Genesis together once more...

Dave W.

Here are some details about the next few shows:

Putney - The Half Moon - Sat 14th May

I've been asked by a couple of people what time we're on stage. Doors open at 7:30, and we'll be playing from as close to 8pm as possible. There's an 11pm curfew, and the show (with interval!) takes most of three hours, so we need to stick to the schedule. Don't be late!

The Stables - Fri 3rd - Sun 5th June

We thought long and hard about doing something clever with the set lists for the Stables this year, but with a repertoire of over 6 hours decided to just spread it evenly across the three days. There will be a few of the obvious classics played more than once, and similarly some of the new songs we're working on, but essentially each night is just as good as the others. The Sunday is over 3/4 sold now, so don't leave it too long if you're thinking of doing all three nights!

Andover - The Lights - Sat 16th July

We had a sold out show at The Lights in 2019, and those of you who were there will remember that there were only four of us on stage. Dave had only just come on board, and was already committed that night, so Jamie valiantly sang lead vocals along with playing Bass, 12-string and pedals. Long time collaborator Nigel also stood in on drums. This year, however, it'll be the full compliment. If you haven't booked yet, do so before long, as we're expecting this lovely venue to sell out again!

Bilston - The Robin 2 - Friday 22nd July

You may have noticed we're appearing in Bilston twice this year. If we can sort our act out the December gig is going to be a Christmas party of sorts, maybe a little different from a regular show! So, if you're wondering which one to come to, I'd suggest make it both!

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