Classic 1970s Genesis performed live with a spectacular light show

G2 Definitive Genesis play Genesis music from 1970 to 1980, tending towards the Seconds Out era but drawing from all albums from Trespass to Duke. Take a little trip back....

G2 Update June 2019:

As always, let me start by saying thank you to everyone who came to our spring shows this year. We've had a very successful run, with a number of them selling out (more about that below). More importantly, we're sure you'll agree that Dave has settled in very nicely, and is doing a splendid job on lead vocals. It's almost exactly a year since we lost Terry, and Dave's sensitivity and good humour has helped keep us going through the sad times. It was especially good to witness the reception from those of you who came to our recent stables shows (even if he did reduce the band and much of the audience to tears!).

Meanwhile, life goes on behind the scenes as normal. Jamie, however, not content with playing all those different instruments simultaneously, decided he needed to get into the construction industry. Following Mike Rutherford's lead, he's built himself a detachable (convertible?) double neck guitar. See here for more photographic evidence!


Caption Competition

We're delighted to announce that the winner of the caption competition, and recipient of two guest list tickets to a forthcoming show, is Tony Evans, with the following...

"Steve seemed unperturbed that Roger's grip round the python's mouth was weakening"

Honourable mentions go to the following:

Richard Haynes for "Steve's not so game when it comes to proving you don't bite your nails"


Dave Kennedy for "Following the beer and curry session, Steve noticed additional wind and trumpet sounds on Firth Of Fifth"

Extra special thanks, however, must go to Roger King himself, who prompted the whole thing at the time with "Oh Magnus! You're playing in C-Major again..."

Gig News:
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