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Classic 1970s Genesis performed live with a spectacular light show
G2 Definitive Genesis play Genesis music from 1970 to 1980, tending towards the Seconds Out era but drawing from all albums from Trespass to Duke. Take a little trip back....

Seasons Greetings!

As always, a huge thank you to those of you who came to see us at one of our shows in 2023!

After a difficult time for the performing arts sector through the pandemic we've been delighted to see audience numbers (and enthusiasm!) finally get back to where they should be. We've done slightly fewer shows this year than normal, but have a packed calendar for you in 2024, including our first visit to Barnsley and a long overdue return to Haslemere and Bath. They're all listed on the Show Dates page, but here are a few highlights...

By special request we're going to recreate Genesis' 1980 Duke Tour show from the Lyceum in London (AKA Musica) at Trading Boundaries. We have a couple of new songs from ATTWT to add for the show, but more importantly we're finally going to get Dave behind a drum kit for that authentic Phil & Chester experience!

The Stables shows are finally on sale. This year we're going back to doing just(!) two nights. Both, however, will feature Jamie Fisher on doubled drums, and there'll be no duplication of material. As we'll have prepared it a month earlier we're going to repeat the Duke show on the Friday. The Saturday show will be a 'Best of the Rest', full of the classic '70s tracks you'd expect, with a little more emphasis on the Gabriel years.

We've been talking to Tavistock Wharf about possibly doing two shows a year for a long time, and some bright spark (i.e. the tech guys!) finally suggested doing them together! We still have some details to sort out before they go on sale, but it's likely we'll do the Duke show for one night there also, with the other night being a dedicated early '70s show. Even better, after plenty of audience feedback we're in discussion with The Wharf about increasing the number of seats on offer!

See you soon!


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