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Classic 1970s Genesis performed live with a spectacular light show

G2 Definitive Genesis play Genesis music from across the 1970s, tending towards the 4 man era. Peter Gabriel had just left the band, a relatively unknown Phil Collins stepped up to the microphone. Take a little trip back....

New Front man / Lead Vocalist: Terry will be leaving soon due to health issues, and so G2 Definitive Genesis are looking for a new front man/lead vocalist. Please see G2 Lead Vocalist Position for details

Other News:

  • Band News: Our last mailshot - G2 Update August 2017 - contains important information about the long term future of the band. If you're not on out mailing list already, please go to the Contact page (where you can also find previous G2 Updates) to sign up.
  • Merchandise: We have restocked with DVDs, not just 2014's '3 Nights Live' shows but also 2003's 'Live At Camberley'. They are now available on the Merchandise page on our website, and included in a bunch of discounted bundles.
  • Spring Tour: All of our spring 2018 shows are on sale now. For details see the Show Dates page. Please spread the word!
  • Photographs: We badly need some updated photos of the band, particularly full group shots with Jamie, for the website and other promotional materials. If you've taken some good hi-resolution shots at shows in the last year, or could do so at one of our forthcoming dates, please send us an email at g2bandinfo@gmail.com.