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Seconds Out 1977 - Genesis Remember...
DAVID HENTSCHEL: Genesis wanted to come out with a double live album and we recorded one of the tours that they did with Bill Bruford and actually mixed a lot of stuff off that. Then Chester took it over and we recorded the Paris gigs and it wasn't until everything was mixed that we started to make decisions and it just turned out that a lot of the stuff that Chester did worked out better than Bill and unfortunately a lot of Bill's stuff had to go. Bill is a great drummer, a very strong drummer, but in his own style and he isn't really that adaptable. Whereas Chester is more naturally Phil's style of drumming, I think. They just fit together so well.

TONY: The big advantage to this album was that we hadn't included 'Supper's Ready' on 'Genesis Live' and we were playing it so much better now. That's such a strong song from our past on 'Foxtrot', the final parts sound great but the early parts are a bit rough. 'Seconds Out' was a chance to do the whole thing with some flow to it, which it didn't have before. 'Carpet Crawlers', for example, is much better on the live album.

MIKE: Phil's singing made the earlier songs sound very different.

PHIL: We were at Trident Studios mixing Seconds Out and I saw Steve on the street where I was parked and I said, 'Do you want a lift into town' because we were supposed to be mixing that day and he said, 'No, it's alright, I'll ring you later' - right? So I went into town and Mike said, 'Did Steve speak to you' and I said, 'No I just saw him' and he said, 'Well, you had better give him a ring because he wants to talk to you, he's leaving'. So I mean, I was in the studio, Tony and Mike and Dave Hentschel were there and they were like watching my face to see what I did, because they already knew. It was quite peculiar, when I first came in and said, 'I saw Steve, he should be down in a minute' and they said, 'I'm sorry, he's left' you know. So I rang him up and it was in front of everybody, they were all sitting there and I said, 'Well, it's OK mate, if that's what you want to do'. It's weird, but that was it, I just closed the door, you know. It was so emotionless. It's always worried me that his leaving like that could not bother me at all.

MIKE: I remember I felt a bit of relief. You feel strange when someone isn't as into it as you are.

TONY: It felt like it was time for him to move on.

PHIL: We had lots of discussions around the time of the show recorded in Paris. That stuck in my mind, that there were problems and suddenly there was no problem.

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