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If you'd like to get in contact with g2, please use the email addresses shown below. We'd be delighted to get feedback on our shows, suggestions for what to do in future, or places you think we should play. Remember, you can always get through via Facebook as well

Email - G2 Management (for gig bookings, venues, promoters, etc.) - G2 Band Info (for general enquiries / feedback) - G2 Merchandise (for sales enquiries)

Individual members of the band can be contacted directly:

Band: - Chris Cawte (guitars) - Dave Whitehouse (vocals) - Jamie Vale (bass & guitars) - Jeff Walker (drums) - Piers de Lavison (keyboards)

Technical Crew: - Dave Austin (producer / lights)


To contact the band by telephone, please call Piers de Lavison on: 020 8943 9416

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