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Genesis Song Title Cryptic Quiz

G2's new souvenir programme
Our new souvenir programme includes a cryptic quiz. For those of you who haven't got one yet (and why not?), here are the questions and (hidden below) the answers:

1 The capital of Washington has come in for a look
2 A number is up...? No! Down. Deep down
3 Not quite off on a tangent... but led somewhere in knots
4 Rape and Pillage?
5 A piece of work by a good window cleaner?
6 Possibly not much jewellery in this one!
7 Somewhere you'll be for some time until the NHS get back to work
8 The people of St Ives definitely don't like this...
9 ...because they can't have this
10 Slippery in the water? Why not?
11 Made of cheese? Possibly, but in a bad mood about it
12 Not so bad if you're in Beverly Hills
13 Someone bald in all the wrong places
14 Killing babies, she's not quite this!
15 Prince Phillip has had his last of these
16 Disowning a fine monsoon
17 Sat nav?
18 One needed to emit a bleat when fitting so much in
19 RSVP yielded silence
20 ET would have been a more welcome one in the UK...
21 Susy prepared our evening meal
22 ...and Philip has arrived
23 Once upon a time
24 Writing in ink... but with a sharp iron tool
25 I dedicate this to Terry (yes, that is a clue)

1 Cinema Show
2 Submarine
3 Entangled
4 Robbery Assault and Battery
5 Inside and out
6 Musical Box
7 The Waiting Room
8 Second Home by the Sea
9 A place to Call My Own
10 Ripples
11 Mad Man moon
12 Down and Out
13 The Brazilian
14 Lilywhite Lilith
15 Duke's Travels
16 No Son of Mine
17 Guide Vocal
18 Time Table
19 No Reply at All
20 Illegal Alien
21 Supper's Ready
22 Duke's End
23 In the Beginning
24 The Knife
25 For Absent Friends
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